Pacific Dawn at the Golden Date

Aug 22, 2016

Straits Pen is pround to bring you an exclusive new Noodler's Ink which is "Pacific Dawn at the Golden Date". This ink, to be lanuched at the San Francisco International Pen Show 2016 between the 26 to 28 of Augist 2016 will be for sale during the pen show. 

Pacific Dawn refers to the same Sun starting its journey across the Pacific from San Francisco to Singapore. This ink is a distinct blue like the dark blue one sees in the ocean at Dawn. When dried, a few drops of water like the morning mist will show red at the borders as if dawn has arrived.

Prices USD$12.50 / SGD$18.00

  • US based customers not attend the pen show will be able to request a reservation to be shipped by USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate after the Pen Show at USD$8.00. (Dateline of 5pm PST 28th August 2016 for reservations. This is to allow time for us to post out the ink before returning to Singapore)
  • San Francisco Pen Possie Members can get access to the ink on the evening of the 25th August 2016
  • All other Customers will have to wait for the Singapore release on the 2nd of September


More Details at the MicroSite